Throwback Thursday/Summer photos mega-post

I’ve been getting really into writing the last couple of days so I figured I would publish a throwback Thursday post of some of my favourite summer memories/reasons to be grateful. That way I can look back in a couple of months when I’m cold and miserable and remember it’s not all bad…

Just kidding! But seriously, it’s nice to have a written memory sometimes of happy events, and I rarely get around to recording my summers, and after a few years, they blur into one.

So, here’s summer 2016 in a collection of photos:

img_20160406_090527927_hdr img_20160506_111101982

Leiden fancy hotel times straight after Ghana and finding this lovely little sign on Brighton beach


These two Jack-the-lads having matching ridiculous expressionsimg_20160520_135345578

this yummy stir-fry (recipe by Minimalist Baker, available here)img_20160604_232427060

This crazy art installation in Rotterdam


beautiful flowers in my mum’s garden in Shropshire


rainy Sunday morning cuddles with these two…


Exploring London

img_20160621_164236124 snogs img_20160622_212324341_hdr

enjoying our local canal in the Hague

img_20160717_143210198Bilbao img_20160801_160506138

Chaitanya and Andreya and Sid coming to stay


Europride Amsterdam

img_20160813_191242218 img_20160813_093755766

our Netherlands cycle trip/ stag-do experience

img_20160828_155217402 img_20160828_212158190

Shambala! As always 😀

img_20160830_193752058 img_20160831_174655475_hdr img_20160830_195022870_hdr

More Shropshire chill times 🙂

img_20160903_154023207 img_20160903_154011623_hdr

Nick and Flo’s wedding


img_20160908_161831554 img_20160910_221450542

Dave’s birthday road trip in Wales, Bristol and Brighton


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