Autumn Happy list 2017

Soo yet again I’ve left this blog quite a long time over the summer!

Quite a lot has happened, a lot that I am thankful for. It’s a miserable rainy day so I’m enjoying taking the time to feel grateful today.

  • We got the house! It took a few weeks but we’ve officially found a home for at least the next few years! It’s a little bit wonky and it’s taking a long time to get everything just as we want it but it’s exciting! I’ve been testing out different yellow paints in the kitchen and we’ve got a lot of candles and houseplants and a futon and a nice round oak table. We were very lucky to get some furniture from a stash of my Grandma’s stuff and second hand shops have been very useful. And the best bit…
  • We got kitties! If you’ve seen anything from my instagram recently you’ll see that I’m absolutely besotted with our two newest housemates, Dibs and Gary Lazereyes. In fact Gaz is on my lap as I write this 🙂
  • Also Dave and I are very lucky to have a third housemate, the wonderful Bryony Hayes. She cooks amazing food and the dynamic is generally pretty great. So much love <3
  • There are currently three demi-johns of cider gently bubbling away in our living room after a lovely day juicing apples with my Mum and Andrew, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and friends. It’s a lot of work actually to make a lot of juice, but so worth it! (and free booze!)
  • I got a job! I’m working part-time doing fundraising and comms admin for a little charity called Motivation and I love it! Everyone there is lush, I’m learning a lot and I can cycle there (and the design bods fix my bike up for me when it goes wrong!)
  • I’ve lost weight! Or more accurately, I’ve lost fat (my weight has actually pretty much stayed the same!) But I’ve been eating better and spending a lot of time in the gym. I thought nothing was happening but after taking measurements and being able to fit into clothes that haven’t fit me for years something is definitely going on!
  • oh yeah – we’ve set a date for the wedding! Next August, invites are going out and big tings are happening! Over and out for now xx

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