Bristol Happy List: Summer Solstice Edition

“Welcome back” said Vinnett last night in our summer solstice evening yoga class. We did 108 sun salutations and waved the longest day goodbye in a whirl of sweat, fire-breath and vinyasa. As we meditated towards the end I felt so grateful to be back in Bristol. We moved back almost two weeks ago and so much has happened! The pace of life here seems especially fast after two months in Shropshire and four months in sunny South-East Asia before that, so I thought I would reflect on a few things before I forget what I’ve been up to!

  • Cycling on the Bristol to Bath cycle path – 45 miles last week just cycling to town and back!
  • Seeing the lovely Florence Fox¬†and talking about all things weddings and houses
  • Talking of houses… the prospect of our very own home is looking ever more promising – watch this space!
  • Various networking events including No More Taboo’s very own Monthly Hugs launch, where I was lucky to meet loads of inspiring interesting women (and a few men, yas!)
  • House meals, gins, giggles, disco lights and carrot cake

I’m looking forward to catching up with my uni girls this weekend and then heading back to Shropshire on Sunday for family times at my cousin’s baby’s christening. The longest day may be over but there are many more summer adventures to look forward to!


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