Well my newsfeed is currently full of anger at the government, air strikes and impending war. Not much to be happy about. It makes me feel very sad/angry/hopeless when I read these things. I actually read an article recently that using Facebook makes you more depressed (not that this is news, but it’s interesting to see it so starkly presented like that!)

So, I am trying to avoid it. It’s hard when you live alone though… I am very much awake, despite my logical mind telling me I should be asleep, and sometimes when you’re all alone, it makes you feel a little less lonely to see other people you care about, doing good things, getting on with their lives across the world. It’s quite amazing in a lot of ways but admittedly I don’t think it’s healthy to judge anything, about anyone, on that kind of medium.

I have had a nice evening in a lot of ways though, despite waving Dave off at the airport, again. I will see him in two weeks but sometimes that feels like an awfully long time.

Still. here we go! An early December happy list:

Clothes swaps make me happy.

Talking to acquaintances who actually care about your ideas make me happy.

The thought that I might be able to do some good, however small that action is, makes me happy.

Cycling makes me happy.

Cuddles make me happy.

Having no deadlines (for a couple of days) makes me happy.

Meeting new, interesting, lovely, people makes me happy.

Having wonderful people around me makes me happy.


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